Our company has a long and solid history. It was founded in 1976 by Benito Fusco as the result of the Original Imperium experience (company born and raised in the first half of ‘900). Impergom sells rubber and rubber-to-metal spare parts for Italian, European and Asian cars.

Thanks to the job passion, to the constant commitment and to our family management, the company has continuously grown year by year, improving constantly in logistics, in the partner choice and, therefore, in customer satisfaction.

During the years, we achieved several quality certifications and added a considerable quantity of items in our range. We adopted software able to organize the work in the best way, in order to satisfy the customers’ requirements, all this reaching delivery times, before unthinkable.

This result has been achieved thanks to the continue pursuit of quality and safety for the satisfaction of the customers that place their trust on us, order after order.

Impergom, during the years

  • 1938

    Mr. Luigi Sola founds the company Original Imperium, that sells technical items in rubber, accessories and spare parts for cycles, motorcycles and cars.

  • 1976

    From the legacy of Original Imperium, Benito Fusco founds Impergom, whose products are distributed nationwide.

  • 1986

    Our plant moves from Turin to Rivoli, where we start the export of spare parts in Europe: in few years, foreign market covers 85% of our business. business.

  • 1996

    6 vertical storage units are installed in our warehouse. They increase our storage capacity and shorten picking time, giving a new competitive edge to our company.

  • 1999

    We achieve our first Quality Certification, ISO 9002:1994, from DNV Italia

  • 2002

    Impergom headquarter moves from Rivoli to Orbassano: the surface is 3 times wider and it measures more than 5000 square meters. Vertical storage machines are 8, 12 meters high. The stock volume increases, allowing at the same time to pick up little quantities of items: in this way we can satisfy the requests of companies of any dimensions. But the space is not enough…

  • 2003

    We outsource the logistics and we achieved the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2000

  • 2006

    Impergom joins TecDoc, the most important European network for research and purchase of spare parts for cars and light trucks.

  • 2007

    Installed a new software for purchasing and supply chain planning.

    With the new software we can plan our stock on the basis of the target service level for each product.

  • 2008

    SKF Logistics Services become our logistic partner. This collaboration allows to increase the storage space and to speed up the deliveries from forty to four working days.

    Just one working day is enough for urgent deliveries.

  • 2009

    New range for Torsional vibration dampers (TVD pulleys).

    The storage capacity in SKF, our logistic partner, is increased by 50%.

  • 2011

    New way of printing catalogs, divided by product type.

    We start to use single packaging for our products.

  • 2015

    Installed a new automatic line for packing and palletizing, to handle incoming goods.